Friday, November 15, 2013

HazzardAyre Radio will not happen at this time


Here it is November 15th. The filing window for LPFM radio apps is now closed, and our only choice is an Internet radio station. Which is the core of the missing the filing window. Mid May knowing that both streaming as well as over the air was required, I went on a fishing trip for a Internet access vendor besides Cable-One that could really deliver 50 megs up, 75 down. So I saw this ad on a speed test site for Megapath. So I said I’m interested, after a few days someone gets back to me. Saying they could deliver. So after nearly 6 months, still no T1, still no real high horsepower Internet, and our radio gig, as far as over the air is once again on freeze. Our only hope is that we can beg the FCC to consider our application and grant the license.

Of course much of this delay came from new hires that had no idea of what we are doing or more importantly had no idea on how to help us.

When I fly a field and I cause a problem, be it chemical on a windshield of a vehicle parked in my flight path, if I tow and I cause damage, I have to pay for it. The thing is I made sure our studio stayed put so that this T1 from EarthLink, or whomever these brokers from T1-Shopper and all could install same.

Is there a legal remedy here? Don’t know but who do you sue? EarthLink? T1-Shopper? Who? But I do think these people causing a real blunder ought to pony up $1,000.00 so that I can pay at least Cable-One to get something stiff enough to get us streaming and not loosing any more money. I know if I watch for that $1,000.00 in my mail box, and hold my breath I’ll turn blue before if it ever arrived. But I stress, any time you need to deal with ISP’s that have been long ago forgotten, and not seen , like EarthLink. Or these people that put up banner ads , that you do not click on them , the old saying do business, especially important things like Internet access with someone local.

Like Syringa, and/or, SpeedConnect. That way your dealing with someone that knows the geography, the people and who if you need to, to where you can go get into their face. Not just call someone in a small cubical in some high level office space somewhere back east.

Whether its, Chad, Geoph , Jim or any body else in the chain that went sour. I still think the entire bunch ought to be good business people, admit the dropped the ball, not just fumbled it, and pony up the  $1,000.00 so we could get our project back together that fell apart because of their inability to perform.

In closing, HazzardAyre OTA, will not happen right now, or for as long as it’ll take for us to refile. But we look to be on the Internet somewhere after the holidays, thanks to Syringa, Networks.

I’ll let you know if in fact I ever see $1,000.00 from EarthLink, or T1-Shopper.

L8R Aviators,


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